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My Story.........

The story is all about future telling and learning directly from my dad .....

I was just a follower to his foot steps. Be it him reading a palm, or doing calculations with numbers, preparing a birth chart, or correcting an error in name alphabets, buying of gemstones, suggesting choices of colours,I copied him, asked questions, learnt and practiced whenever possible.

The curiosity kept on growing in me and I started predicting small events. To my astonishment, it started to come true and made me more and more accurate.

Be it a health ailment or progress expected, it all went line in line to be correct and it added more to my confidence for accurate predictions. 

Used to wonder, why during relative visits or family functions, he was surrounded by people to let their palms be read, and I being too curious and poky kept on and on asking him and he patiently used to clarify the why's, the how's, the when's, the where's and so on.

And finally, I got answers to all my questions, my readings became more accurate and prominent with the practice and learnings.

I enhanced my skills to more deep astrology, I do all to provide the right guidance and  also provide the right solution and cure.

Be it suggesting a remedy, or solution with a gemstone and cure with therapy, I do all with dedication and caution to enchant and energise the negative to the positive.

I feel blessed in every way with a gesture of smile !

The man behind my success ....

The dedication, the devotion, the power, the man of utter knowledge, and for me he was the Encyclopaedia of my life.


Right from the time I was born, was made to feel that you'll shine like a diamond. He made me learn, how to create my own fate, change my destiny, make way to success, live it your way, let not any thought make you feel weak or hinder you from success.


The man who could be so strong to never let go any opportunity off his hands, the struggle, the stride, the passion, the thrive all he had was the will to learn and achieve.


Heat could never melt him, storm could not felt him, and the wrong could not dealt him. 


I am what today, is all because of him, who made me yesterday. The tougher his genes were, the tough it has made me. The rebel for right, and fight to right, is what he taught and for wrong he never fought.


I am full of Gratitude towards my parents, though they left me for their heavenly abode but still there in me with all the feelings alive ....


S.Jaspal Singh and Kulvinder Kaur Maini, their names would be made to shine and always remain in the history of remembrance and will be embraced all through the life.  

The Lady of Inspiration behind us ............

Behind every young child who believes in thyself, is a parent who believed first

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