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Solestry readings are available now for discounts !!!

Let's read your future

Remedies, Solutions,Treatments & Cures 

About Me

I'm a BusinessAnalyst and Human Resources Professional. Having strong analysis made me do predictions to the accurate point. And the intuitions  protected me, guided me and made me achieve at par. Thus, the gut in me made me explore the astrology in detail and learnt each segment of it. Be it the lines on hands, the no.s in your birth chart, the positions of your planets or the best suited colour for you. The gift of Clairvoyance, intuition and the mysticism was ignorant since childhood but, for couple of years it's been prompting me to explore the problems and help people find solutions, treatments and cure to it ..... 

My energy goes high with just the right predictions and I always feel the pat on my back ...and it does wonders !


"Art based on intuition, interpretation and perception"


Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy or Chirology, the practice of fortune telling
through the study of the palm. 


Numbers have a divine power in it. Each number is unique to its character and

signifies a deep meaning to its existence. 


Cartomancy is the art of fortune telling using a deck of cards. One lays cards in a planned spread to understand its position and interpret accordingly.



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